Aural Sonology’s dedicated web page:

Aural Sonology’s Form-building analysis is described in this web article (free):

Thoresen, L. 2007a. Form-building Transformations: An Approach to the Aural Analysis of Emergent Musical Forms. Journal of Music and Meaning 4 Winter.

The usage of the symbols in the Sonova font is displayed in three articles in ‘Organised Sound’ (pay to download article).

Thoresen, L. 2007b. Spectromorphological Analysis of Sound-objects: An Adaptation of Pierre Schaeffer’s Typomorphology. Organised Sound, 12(2): 129-141.

Thoresen, L. 2009. Sound-objects, Values and Characters in Åke Parmerud’s Les objets obscurs, 3rd Section. Organised Sound 14(3): 310–320.

Thoresen, L. 2010. Form-Building Patterns and Metaphorical Meaning. Organised Sound 15(2): 82–95.